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Vollmar Elektronik GmbH
Schlachthofstraße 3
98553 Schleusingen
Thüringen / Deutschland
Tel.: 03 68 41 / 3 16 70
Fax: 03 68 41 / 3 16 71

Firmensitz und Postanschrift

Zum Einfirst 2
98553 Schleusingen / OT Heckengereuth
Thüringen / Deutschland
Tel.: 03 68 41 / 3 16 70 
Fax: 03 68 41 / 3 16 71

Other products

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Vollmar MotorsteuerungMotor control unit

  • Two-quadrant motor control with microcontroller for DC motors
  • Extremely reliable and durable
  • Tested on 300,000 switching games
  • CE mark
  • Climate-resistant from -20ºC to + 80ºC
  • Motors up to 24V / 2A controllable
  • Optional digital interface

 Vollmar Netzteil NT1.2 Power supply NT1.2

  • Input 230V AC
  • Output: 12V / 0.8A DC (stabilized)



Vollmar Flammenüberwachung Flame monitoring

  • Combustion electronics
  • Automatic monitoring of the flame
  • Alarm functions
  • 12/24 volt supply
  • Can be flexibly adapted for other purposes

 Vollmar HeizungssteuerungHeating control

  • Control for wood heating
  • Various designs possible
  • 2 control loops:
    - Hot water
    - Domestic water
  • Buffer boiler

Vollmar Prüfstandsauswertung und -SteuerungTest bench evaluation and control

  • Measured value acquisition for up to 8 analog and 16 digital signals
  • Control 8 analogue and 16 digital outputs
  • Inputs and outputs can also be potential-free (via external control box)
  • Operation via PC program from WIN 95/98
  • PC <=> RS232 <=> Control box

Packaging software "Kiste"

Vollmar Verpackungssoftware "Kiste"The "Kiste" software is used to calculate shipping costs. For this calculation it is necessary to predict in which and in how many outer packages a certain number of different individual packages can be packaged and what packaging and shipping cost.
Specifically, the initial data consists solely of the list of individual items to be sent that can contain up to several hundred items. We are looking for the total packaging and shipping costs.
Before creating this software, an employee was usually busy with this calculation for several hours. With the software "crate" this calculation takes only minutes. In addition, different variants can be played through and the shipping costs thus optimized in the interest of the end customer. The software is based on a database system. Integrated is user and rights management. If desired, the program can be converted to client-server technologies and thus network-enabled. Also an application under Linux is possible.


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