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Gewerbegebiet Im Horn 4
98553 Schleusingen / OT Waldau
Thüringen / Deutschland
Tel.: 03 68 41 / 3 16 70
Fax: 03 68 41 / 3 16 71

Firmensitz und Postanschrift

Zum Einfirst 2
98553 Schleusingen / OT Heckengereuth
Thüringen / Deutschland
Tel.: 03 68 41 / 3 16 70 
Fax: 03 68 41 / 3 16 71


Welcome to vollmar elektronik!

FSLMPakThe company Vollmar Elektronik is your partner for the development and especially manufacture of electronic assemblies and devices.
We focus on the production of more complex assemblies. We are ahead of the market, especially in the case of fast sample production, the assembly of sophisticated SMT designs, double-sided SMT and THT assembly.
We also develop, manufacture and distribute
Controls for wood gasifiers and pellet burners.

With the modulating controls of the Vollmar electronics one can improve the efficiency of wood gasifier boilers.
The boilers can be controlled according to boiler and / or exhaust gas temperature.
This provides a very uniform burn-up, which can increase the efficiency up to 45% against thermostatic or simple electrical controls.

In this environment, we offer a range of products. Check out our ONLINESHOP!

Mai 2012 | Vollmar takes over IMC Solar-Vertrieb

Logo imcVollmar Elektronik has taken over parts of the Bochum company IMC-Solarvertrieb. Bochum entrepreneur Wolfgang Lange sold the parts of his company IMC Solar-Vertrieb to Vollmar Elektronik, which deals with the development, production and sales of solar control systems as well as the distribution of solar absorbers for the heating of swimming pools.


Digitale Solar-Differenzsteuerung Basis 10As a result, Vollmar Elektronik is now offering differential controls for solar collectors and solar absorbers, as well as for loading a buffer tank from a solid-fuel boiler. These differential controls increase the efficiency of a solar system, as well as, for example, that of a natural train boiler. Differential control systems for solid fuel boilers have been built by Vollmar Elektronik for several years.

Now, however, those with a display and a wall housing are available.

Juni 2011 | Vollmar builds!

In 2010, Vollmar Elektronik acquired a larger commercial property in Schleusingen. Now we want to build a new company building. On the site of a former poultry slaughterhouse a production hall is to be built, which later on develops and produces the company.

Nordansicht Neubau  Ostansicht Neubau


Dezember 2009 | We have something to celebrate!

Unser Team 2009Vollmar Elektronik invested in December 2007 and bought a new SMD placement machine from the Swiss manufacturer Essemtec. Well, in December 2009, the machine is refinanced.

The company is now free of debt again. In the course of 2010, we will continue to invest in our equipment. Have a look!

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